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Current Demands for Quality Apartments

The next generation of homeowners includes young professionals, families, couples...

From Classic Villas to Multi-Story High Rises

Betopia’s founder has been very active in the housing industry for the past two decades, working intensely in in the Old Airport community to deliver quality homes designs and construction.

Why Bisrate Gebriel is the New Bole: Part Two

Bisrate Gebriel is the growing to be second to Bole when it comes to the concentration of eateries, branches, services, residential neighborhoods and other comforts a city can bring.

Why Bisrate Gebriel is the New Bole : Part One

Bisrate Gebriel still stands out due to its unique mix of residential and commercial activities, nestled in the safest diplomatic zone of Addis Ababa.

How Real Estate Creates Millionaires: Value Grows Over Time

There is no better way to secure your future than looking into solid, practical investments that have increasing returns as time goes on.