How Real Estate Creates Millionaires: Value Grows Over Time

Everyone wants to own their own home and the rising demand for real estate and housing in Addis Ababa accelerates the rate of investment in real estate. Addis Ababa has the highest daily hotel rate in all of Africa as of 2019, which shows the demand for accommodation is high, and the prices are also very high. This value is increasing alongside the rental prices for properties and apartments all over the city.

Currently, we as a company embrace the multi-purpose approach to our apartment units and we encourage clients to view buying real estate as a strategic move to secure an income source in the form of rent and/or to own a house in order to resell at a higher value in the future. Betopia Properties highlights these opportunities for our clients and has many cases of clients having resold their properties at a higher price than what they had invested in it to begin with.  Over our two decades developing land and delivering homes in the Old Airport Area, we have numerous cases of clients having resold their original properties at higher values, usually through us! 

Betopia Properties has made renting and reselling very stress-free by setting up a property management service for all of our apartment units. We will manage the property, the rent collection, the reselling process, the maintenance and staffing of each of our 4 active project, including New Hope Luxury Apartment, which is available for sale.  The benefits of planning for long-term property management include being able to travel abroad while your property gains value and also situations such as reinvesting your profit into other properties. 

There is no better way to secure your future than looking into solid, practical investments that have increasing returns as time goes on.